Highway Department


The Ashland County Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of 180 lane miles of County Trunk Highway and maintenance of approximately 250 lane miles of State Trunk Highway.

The County Highway Department’s operations are overseen by the County Highway Committee as proscribed in Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 83. Matt Erickson is the County Highway Commissioner, the Department head overseeing all operations. The County Highway Commissioner also does in-house engineering of department projects, construction supervision, and administers the Ashland County Nonmetallic Mine Reclamation Ordinance. Patrol Superintendent Bruce Kleinsteiber assigns daily work and directly oversees the crew. One half of the Patrol Superintendents pay and benefits are paid for by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Office Manager Marcy Henri is responsible for maintaining the Department’s accounts, processing bills, keeping depreciation records, submitting requisitions to the WISDOT, and all clerical work. Shop Superintendent Robert Piff is responsible for overseeing all shop operations including equipment maintenance, equipment records and parts inventories, as well as performing equipment maintenance and repairs.

The Department has 16 full time employees including management and administrative personnel. Besides the personnel listed above, there are 12 other employees as follows:

  • 1 Mechanic
  • 11 Equipment Operators

The Department has facilities at three locations within the County. The Main Shop and Office is located on STH 13 in Highbridge. Equipment repairs and maintenance are performed at this facility. Administrative offices are also located at the site. Other notable facilities in Highbridge include a 3,500 ton salt sand storage structure (2005), a 1,000 ton salt shed (1987), and a 6,900 ton salt storage dome (1998). The storage building at the site was constructed in the 1930’s. The service facility and offices were added on to it in 1996. A satellite shop is located in Glidden. The facility is used for storage of equipment. The original 2400 square foot storage building was constructed in 1951. An additional 2,800 square foot storage building was constructed in 2002. A 600 ton salt shed (1987) and a 750 ton salt sand storage building (2003) are also located at the site. A satellite shop is located in Ashland. The facility is used for storage of equipment. The original turn of the century building was demolished in 2004 and a new 4,200 square foot structure has been completed at the site. A 400 ton salt shed (1987) is also located at the site. The total book value of Ashland County Highway Department facilities is approximately $1.5 million.

The Department maintains a large inventory of trucks and construction equipment used in maintenance and construction of highways. The total book value of the Department’s equipment fleet is approximately $1.9 million.

The Department’s operational budget is approximately $3 million annually. Revenue for the Department comes from many sources including the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; General Transportation Aids; sales of materials and services to other local governments; special state and federally funded projects; and the County tax levy.  The Department also has a Road and Bridge Improvement Fund used to pay for capital improvements on the County Trunk Highway System.