Child Support

Mission Statement of Ashland County Child Support Agency


The mission of the Ashland County Child Support Agency is to administer Title IV-D of the Federal Social Security act in order to maximize the wellbeing of children and families dependent upon parental support.  We do this by providing professional services to locate parents, establish paternity and establish and enforce orders for financial and medical support.  We dedicate ourselves in a team effort to provide services in a respectful manner that is compliant with all State and Federal laws, regulations and policies. 


The Ashland County Child Support Agency is under the supervision of Ashland County Health and Human Services.


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Child Support Specialists:

Judy Schoch


Kelly Brzenzinski


Alex Burns


Additional Staff:

Legal Secretary:  Maryann Maple,


Financial Specialist:  Courtney Nemec,


Services we provide:

Establish Paternity:  If you are not married to the father of your child at the time of the child’s birth, the Child Support Agency can help you legally determine the identity of the child’s father.  This process is called Establishing Paternity and guarantees a child’s right to receive financial support, medical support and inheritances.


Establish Court Orders for Child Support and Medical Insurance:  The Child Support Agency can help you obtain a child support order obligating a parent to pay child support and provide medical insurance for your children.


Enforcement of Existing Court Orders for Child Support:  This includes current and past-due child support. 


Locate Absent Parents:  The Child Support Agency can assist you in finding an absent parent and identifying his or her income.


Services we do NOT provide: 
Custody or visitation issues.
            Divorce actions.
            Restraining orders
            Spousal support orders.


To make a *payment send check or money order to the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund at:
PO Box 74200
Milwaukee WI  53274-0200
 * You must include your pin number with your payment.  If you do not know your pin number, you can contact the Ashland County Child Support Agency or:


You can set up an online Child Support account to access payment and balance information at: 


For further information on the Wisconsin Child Support Programs please visit:


To obtain and file legal forms on your own:


Note: The child support attorney who appears at a child support hearing represents the State of Wisconsin, not any individual in the action.  We are not allowed to give legal advice.


The Ashland County Child Support Agency is an equal opportunity employer and provider.